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Shane grew up on a small horse ranch in southern Wisconsin. He attended a liberal arts college an hour from his home where he studied physics, played football and baseball, and became interested in writing science fiction. He went on to grad school in New Orleans and graduated with a Ph.D. in experimental physics. He then accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at the US Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC to conduct research on advanced materials. This work led to research at other labs including Brookhaven National Lab in New York and Lawrence-Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley, CA. He is currently a physics professor at Louisiana State University where he teaches and carries out research on novel magnetic materials. He has published nearly 250 papers in scientific journals and co-authors a leading physics textbook. His writing career in fiction began with his debut novel, Exoskeleton, published in 2012 by Dark Hall Press. Tympanum, the sequel, was released in October of 2015. The third in the series (Omniscient) was released in September, 2019, and the fourth, and final, installment (Revenant) was published in January, 2022. His latest work, The Peregrine Conjecture (2023), is a sci-fi novel with Orwellian themes in the same ilk as 1984 and Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451